Sunday, October 14, 2012

This is the way the free world ends

This is the way the world ends 
This is the way the world ends 
This is the way the world ends
 Not with a bang but a whimper.
T.S. Eliot
The story will probably have disappeared from the web site of the Telegraph by the time you read this posting:

Thousands of Muslims have pledged a series of protests against Google HQ for a "hateful and offensive" anti-Islam video, saying they now live in an "age of mockery".

A protest by 10,000 Muslims outside the offices of Google in London today is just the first in an orchestrated attempt to force the company to remove an anti-Islamic film from website YouTube in Britain. 

Thousands had travelled from as far afield as Glasgow to take part in the demonstration, ahead of a planned million-strong march in Hyde Park in coming weeks. Anger over 'The Innocence of Muslims', an American-produced film which insults the Prophet Mohammad and demeans Muslims, according to protesters, remains available to watch on the website YouTube, a subsidiary of Google.

UPDATE 10.15.12: I was mistaken that the Telly would quickly bury the story. They still have a link to it today. I was correct that otherwise no major U.S. or U.K. news medium would notice it. The only other story I could find was in something called RT.

I suppose you have to give the Telegraph credit for a little courage. A little: you will notice that they do not dare allow comments from all the "fascists"/"racists"/"neo-Nazis" (i.e., ordinary English people). A quick check of the pathetic Daily Mail and the leftist Guardian reveals no articles about the demo.
Organiser Masoud Alam said: "Our next protest will be at the offices of Google and YouTube across the world. We are looking to ban this film.  

"This is not freedom of expression, there is a limit for that. This insult of the Prophet will not be allowed. 

The group's next action was a march Mr Alam hoped would be "a million strong" would take place in Hyde Park "in the next few weeks", he said. "Until it is banned we will keep protesting," he added.
Muslims represent 4 percent of the British population according to one estimate. Obviously they are feeling their power. 

So far the U.S. Muslim population is about 1 percent. Their wombs are busy, however. It won't be long.

Unless we stop and reverse Muslim immigration now.

Your move.


Stogie said...

Mentioned and linked.

Pat Hannagan said...

I’ve never realized it until recently, but I’m prejudiced against the Irish and Irish Americans.

Have you informed other Bloggers, on whose sites you comment, who are of Irish descent, about your prejudice against them Mr Darby?

Out of English decency I think you should. Please, let me know how it goes.

On that subject, here's a post suggestion for you: "The vexed question of what is the white race; and, Have the Jews been good for America?"

See if your mate Auster will link to it.

I assessed you years ago as unmitigated . I feel vindicated on that score.

Anonymous said...

Hannagan can dish it out but he can't take it.

Pat Hannagan said...

I have no right of reply at that Kike Kunt Auster's. So, yeah, I can dish it, but Auster and his dish lickers like Darby are the one's who can't take it.

YIH said...

Yikes! I think I'd rather see the psychotic 'bot.
That said, when I moved to where I am now in FL (2 miles east of I-95, and north of Ft. Lauderdale that's all I'm going to say) I too have seen way too many hijabs and every time I do I think ''and just what the hell are they doing here?''.
Didn't watch/listen to the Obamney debate, but it was quite clear who won that one.
I listened to about the last half of the Ryan-Biden one and to use a boxing term 'Ryan won on points' IOW, won overall but no knockout.
I disagree with Auster that Ryan was wimpy, to me he came off as calm and unflappable. IMHO, it seemed Biden was trying to get under Ryan's skin, and utterly failed to.
Where Biden blew it for himself was 'the abortion question' which he was plainly blindsided by. Ryan simply went to stock pro-life talking points and didn't skip a beat.
Tonight's debate does pique my interest however, due to the drama of ''will Romney keep the momentum going? Or will 0bama get serious now?''.

YIH said...

The previous post was before the debate. I call it a tie. 0bama gained nothing, Romney lost nothing.
The only thing it convinced me of was to again vote Constitution Party for Prez.
I live in a ''safe'' (GOP) county in FL, how I vote does not matter, just like if Auster votes for himself (or even the ''Green Party'' candidate) there will be likely hundreds of thousands of votes that cancel out his vote.
PLEASE don't take my advice on voting, absolutely not! (Investing involves risk, past performance is not indicative of future gain. ect, ect, ect...)
BTW, if you re-enable CAPTCHA I can deal with that.

YIH said...

To be honest, I have no idea what to do with the annoying comments.
I hope you don't have to do as Auster did, ''only email'' comments.
Hell, I don't even know your email addy, nor do I want to know it.
I don't want you to know where 'my' black cats are.
But don't worry, it seems I'm quite prepared for Halloween.
They will be quite safe. I will protect them.
Rascal has nestled his nose into my elbow.
Soon he will begin to dream (I can feel it, the REM the dreaming.

YIH said...

BTW, Mr. Darby while a White man was ''breaking the sound barrier''' by skydiving, another White man celebrated the fact that he broke Mach I by doing it again 65 years to the day he did it THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!
Damn, I've never ''broke the sound barrier'', and I likely never will...

Rick Darby said...


Somehow I got the idea you were in northern Florida. Now I'm guessing Pompano Beach. I spent a few days there a couple of times and enjoyed it.

My "alt" email address, should you ever care to get in touch, is

Rick Darby said...

Pat Hannagan,

I need a sponsor so I can emigrate to Australia. (Too bad your country is named after Lawrence Auster.) Can I count on you?

YIH said...

Pat Hannagan,

I need a sponsor so I can emigrate to Australia. (Too bad your country is named after Lawrence Auster.) Can I count on you?

Sir, did he live down to the Irish stereotype or what?
They have not been called ''the embarrassment of Whites'' for nothing.
I've lived in FL most of my life. For good or Ill it is my home. But it's not Pompano Beach (hint: closer to Mr. Roach).
What an unfortunate last name for a lawyer.

Pat Hannagan said...

You don't need a sponsor Rick, just catch a canoe from Indonesia and our navy will escort you in.

But, if you personally feel you need a sponsor then sure, I'll sponsor you. I've got just the suburb for an aged and embittered Anglo such as yourself, St Ives:

"Aggressively insensitive..." the WASP says of your mates. Another one left Northern Ireland to escape the "zealots" only to find them now surrounding her. And for their quaint little protest they are all being labeled as "anti-semitic".

St Ives needs you Mr Darby, to set the WASPs straight that it's teh Oirish! who cause all the problems.

Your idols just can't help but live down to the Jewish stereotype, no matter where they are given succour.