Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Still circling Moose Jaw

... er, Amsterdam. My office has been working to get me on a flight tomorrow instead of the Friday one that United re-booked me on, but it's already 8 pm in AMS so I told the office to call off the hunt. On an earlier flight I'd have had to return via the dreaded Frankfurt airport, with all sorts of possibilities for further delay. I'd rather hang out in AMS another day and take a nonstop flight back to Washington Dulles.

I'll have more to write about Amsterdam, but probably not before this weekend.

I haven't forgotten about the election. Vote for Romney. This isn't the best of all possible worlds and you don't get to choose your ideal. The incumbent, Hussein, is an anti-American, socialist, Muslim-appeasing, teleprompter-reading dimwit affirmative action president who would speed up the disastrous course he has set us on for the past four years. He would find ways around any law limiting his power, as he has done by appointing "czars" to issue bureaucratic regulations with the force of law and giving illegals amnesty in absolute violation of democratic process. Plus, although you won't read about it in the Soviet-like mainstream media (e.g., New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press), there is that little matter of Benghazi.

On any account, Romney will be better and there is a bare chance he'll rise to greatness.


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zazie said...

Have a nice flight back home!Was the concert good? Yesterday, we had Monteverdi's Orfeo, in Avignon ; jolly good, in my opinion.
Let us know if you find everything in working order when you get home....