Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Civil War II


You won't see photos like these in the mainstream media, which the Liberal Establishment keeps on a short leash, but some enterprising bloggers infiltrated the demonstrations and brought back pictures of los illegals showing their true colors.

Is it too late to prevent Civil War II? I hope not. But the signs aren't encouraging.

The immigration disaster is quickly degenerating into a case of an irresistible force and an immovable object.

For years, big business has been cynically allowed to violate laws against hiring illegals; border enforcement reduced to a vaudeville show. Jorge Bush-Gonzales and his ruling junta have made it clear that the country is to be force fed with the poorest, most unskilled Mexicans, Salvadoreans, Guatemalans, and other products of dysfunctional cultures. He will not be satisfied until the United States is turned into an oligarchy of international business interests, a vast class of Third World servants, and an ever-diminishing middle class bled white to pay for for the social service bureaucracy, stepped-up law enforcement, and extra prisons necessitated by a Hispanic servant class.

With the president of the United States, hand in hand with left-wing loonies like Ted Kennedy, so determined to ignore the wishes of mere ordinary Americans (not to mention the laws of the country and common sense), is it any wonder that the Invaders figure that they've received a gold-edged invitation to come sup off the rich table of El Norte?

At the same time, if amnesty is passed, even the three million annual "undocumented" immigrants (as the mainstream propaganda media refer to them) will seem like a mere trickle compared to the numbers of border jumpers to follow them. How can we expect them not to, once we have signaled that anyone in any of the world's countless failed states just has to make it across the border to be permanently situated in the land of milk and honey?

But, but, but. This is America, with its tradition of people standing tall against tyranny, not a kingdom of whimpering serfs. When The Invasion becomes so overwhelming that no one (except corporate multi-millionaires who will live behind razor-wire fences patrolled by armed guards, just like the ruling class in Mexico City) can escape the ensuing social decay, a point will be reached when large numbers are willing to risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in an armed resistance.

I neither urge such an outcome nor wish to romanticize it. It will be ugly. A lot of people, driven to desperation because no one gives a toss about their rights compared with the supposed rights of law-breaking, America-despising mobs, will feel that they are pushed to the wall. They will become the immovable object.

There is still time to keep los illegals from becoming the irresistible force. A few weeks from now, it may no longer be possible to say that.

Your move.


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Guessedworker said...

Que sera, Rick.

These people are ethnocentric, chauvinistic and civilisationally incompetent. They want to live off white America but not live with White America. Parasitism and confrontationalism do not a stable society make.

It has to go wrong - maybe in a decade, maybe two.