Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Seduced again?


Big business figures it's about to have its sweet way with the United States of America once again.

It's doing everything it can to wear down the resistance of the majority to having their country recast in the mold of a colonial plantation, complete with an endless supply of cheap workers to exploit. Since Americans over a few centuries have developed certain, er, regrettable habits like middle-class tastes, unions, and that sort of nonsense, there's nothing for it but to import an army's worth of Latin American immigrants who are more, shall we say, pliable.

Okay, so they bring with them TB, gangs, English-language illiteracy, and a culture of corruption. And since every baby dispensed from every womb automatically becomes a U.S. citizen, in law at least, you can look forward to prodigious increases in population, urban sprawl, and traffic. Who cares? Business is business.

Of course, every able seducer knows the right words. In this case, it's mindless platitudes like "we're a nation of immigrants" and "doing the jobs Americans won't do" (for sub-sub-par wages).

They say, "You can't do anything about 11 (or 12, or 20) million 'immigrants' who are already here." Or, "The border is 2,000 miles long. How are you going to stop anybody crossing it?" As though anyone in the government has actually tried. As though illegals aren't caught and released routinely. As though anyone has been prosecuted or fined for employing illegals. (No large-scale deportation is needed. If they didn't get hired, the great majority of los illegals would "deport" themselves.)

Numbers USA gets it:
The immigration battle is the most important part of a larger, long-term battle over whether the United States should remain primarily a self-governing nation state, or whether it should merge in various ways with other countries and give over more and more decision-making to global bodies. The latter is being pursued by both Pres. Bush and his many globalist-business Republican supporters and by many Democrats who are guided by neo-Marxist ideologies concerning nations. Most Americans don't realize that the high-immigration pressures are mainly at the service of those two camps.
I'm a big fan of Numbers USA. They put the immigration issues in the right context: not just of national sovereignty, or border security, or even the rule of law, but quality of life. Check out their explanation of the symptoms of population inflation — which has already been severly aggravated by the immigration welcome wagon, and will be even more if we don't start acting like free people instead of bowing, white-gloved servants to international business interests.

Besides, Numbers USA is one political action group that doesn't just whinge about how awful things are. When this outfit says action, they mean it. Right now they are giving no rest to Senators who want to make open borders a done deal.

If you want to know what you can do, please go to the Numbers USA site.

Frankly, I'm tired of writing about this subject. It shouldn't be necessary, because The Invasion never should have been allowed to happen in the first place, and the current proposed legislation to legalize and expand it should not have entered the brain of any life form higher than a dung beetle — no, not even Ted Kennedy's.

But Congress is this close to committing the most disastrous piece of legislation in our lifetimes. Have a care. And rediscover one of the joys our ancestors knew: slapping the face of a would-be seducer.

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