Saturday, April 29, 2006

I, Gringo


Okay, so what do we -- those of us who oppose open borders -- do in response to Monday?

Monday, you may have read, is when all the "undocumented migrants" (in p.c.-speak) who "live in the shadows" and supposedly fear being rounded up and sent to the Gulag will be marching down the streets of American cities carrying signs to inform us that this is their country.

My answer: we don't do anything, as far as direct response to the demonstrations. No counter-protests: useless -- the mainstream media will pretend they don't exist. They will get away with it because the counter-demos will be too small. Will your employer give you the day off work so you can go downtown to protest The Invasion? No, I didn't think so.

If you live in one of the cities affected, you don't confront the marchers, however confrontational they are. (And they will be.)

Why? Because this isn't, ultimately, a row between us and los illegals. It's between us and the greedy corporations who proclaim in season and out of season that they can't get by without an imported sub-minimum-wage servant class; between us and the corrupt Congressmen who have colluded with their big-business masters; between us and a president of the United States who, I am beginning to think, is insane. Not "insane" as a metaphor; insane in a clinical sense, who if he were an ordinary bloke instead of the highest officeholder in the land might be diagnosed as obsessive-compulsive or schizophrenic. Does he hear voices inside his head telling him that his mission in life is to Mexicanize the United States?

If you want to bring this demented episode in the history of our once and perhaps future republic to a close, those are the people who must hear you. You must make sure they hear you.

There are several organizations that will help you channel your energy most effectively, and I urge you to look them up. Go to Numbers USA, the Dan Stein Report, and the Minutemen.

Then turn the heat on. Let the people who have brought us to this crisis know that they can't get away with it anymore. Tell them that the '60s dead-enders and fence jumpers and the coyotes who enable them (for a big profit) and leftists who hate America and dud clergymen who have traded in God for political correctness have had their day and it's over. Tell them it's our turn now. Tell them America sent you. Tell them I sent you. I, Gringo.

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