Monday, April 10, 2006

A day without immigrants? How about 10 years?


You are America? How so?

Because you took advantage of our laxness to enter the country illegally, thereby "jumping the queue" ahead of thousands of others patiently waiting to immigrate legally? So we should welcome you because you're cleverer than all the suckers who played by the rules.

Because you're here millions strong? So we should welcome you because you think we're too weak-minded to enforce our own laws and we'll tumble for you because we're intimidated.

Because you do jobs Americans won't do? So we should welcome you because you are willing to drive down the cost of labor so far that no American who isn't used to your wretched standard of living can compete with you.

Because you're an important part of the American economy? So we should welcome you because you work here and send most of your tax-free income back to Mexico or Guatemala or wherever, while you are served by our hospitals and social welfare system paid for by others.

Because you're poor? So we should welcome you in order that the United States can become another banana republic with a tiny elite class and masses of peasants, just like where you used to live, and we need not feel guilty about being a rich country, because we won't be.

Because you say so? So we should welcome you because you come from a corrupt culture where power is all, and the only thing that matters is what you can get away with.

Tell you what.

Instead of giving us a day without your precious services, why don't you really stick it to us. Head back en masse to where you are a legal resident. That's right, the whole lot of you. And don't just force us to rub by for a day without your doing the jobs we won't do. Stay away for 10 years! That should bring us to our knees. As your President -- no, not Jorge W. Bush-Gonzales; your other President -- said, we'll be begging you to come back.

So 10 years and a day from now, meet us just on the other side of the fence (your side). Then let's talk.

If we think there's anything to talk about.

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