Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sept. 11, 2011: A day like any other


 "The End of American Innocence." No, American innocence is alive and well.

Right, it's a different kind of innocence. No longer the naive and ignorant sort. It's an official, dictatorial policy of innocence.

We continue to believe -- all the following is government-defined belief, of course, unlike that of many Americans -- that everyone in the world goes to bed mumbling, "Can't we all just get along?" We believe that Islam is a religion of peace except for a few extremists, and the best way to fight the extremists is to suck up to the Moderate Majority. That's innocence, in the most negative sense.

We innocently believe that terrorism is completely random and equally distributed throughout the population. So 80-year-old airline passengers in wheelchairs must be felt up by convenience store clerks in federal cop uniforms. 

We are so innocent that we know nothing of American history except that it was all racist. We insist that the United States of America is not a country with a European, and particularly English-Scottish, heritage, the English language, and a widely revered set of traditions. Our innocence proclaims that the United States is no more than an "idea" and anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to waltz in and set up colonies so long as they give a perfunctory nod to the "idea."

We are innocent of any knowledge of human biodiversity, to the point that our average innocent-in-the-street has no idea of what the term means.

We are innocent of demographics. We cannot understand that Islam doesn't have to knock down buildings to bring the joys of sharia to our shores. We are unable to fathom that the Muslim breed-a-thon will guarantee their dominance after a few decades of assembly-line reproduction.

We are so innocent we turn the education of American's children over to featherbedding union doofs and sing-along Marxists who will indoctrinate yet more generations.

Our national innocence -- the cynical version demanded by our rulers -- is an everyday 9/11.



Anonymous said...

A large "touché" to what you say, Rick

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil - Thomas Mann

Anonymous said...

If Muslims are not integrating into the culture of the West, there is no point now in blaming Muslims, as they have made abundantly clear through the koran and their history, that that was, and is the aim of Islam. The destruction of a once cohesive society lies not with Muslims, but with us – for not bothering to ascertain who the hell we were laying the door open for.