Friday, September 09, 2011

Talking points for O-jobs

Jobs. You should pass this right away. Warren Buffett. Secretary. Tax cuts and more government spending. Put  people back to work. Jobs. Money in pockets. You should pass this right away. $450 billion. New panel to find budget savings. Jobs.


Stop the political circus and actually do something. Subsidize employment for union, uh, scratch that, young workers. Jobs. Urgent needs of my people, uh, our people and communities. $450 billion package. You should pass this right away. Bridge our differences. Aid for teachers' unions, I mean, unions -- no, teachers, that is. Grand bargain. Jobs. I'm pretty sure I know what most Americans would choose. Government can make a difference. Jobs. Specifics next week. You should pass this right away.


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yih said...

Mish Shedlock picks it apart and finishes with this pithy quote:
With that, I wish to reiterate "The primary purpose of the 447 billion dollar American Jobs Act is simple: To keep one person (namely President Obama), in his job."
I'd say he nailed it.