Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Telecom martial arts

Onward to the inevitable triumph of
City Telecom!

City Telecom, a Hong Kong–based company, is taking no prisoners.

Its core purposes include:
"To experience the emotion of competition, winning, and crushing competitors."

"To experience the joy of advancing and applying telecommunications technology for the benefit of the public."

"To fulfill the desire of Self-Actualization and to become everything that one is capable of becoming."
Getting down to brass tacks:
"We will not rest as long as there is a single outstanding unresolved customer service complaint." 
They are the "People's Leader and Pioneer."
"We never give up. We are never afraid. We are ever a group of aggressive youth (spiritually)."
They've gotten rid of those corporate hierarchies that plague so many businesses:
"We encourage direct communication between the bottom and the top. Kill those who intend to block or cover up." 
What a motivational poster that would make for the employee lunch room.

Egalitarianism doesn't seem to have reached Western heights in Hong Kong:
"Human is not the same in every aspect. Some are smarter and more capable at workplace."
City Telecom offers this "vivid description" of itself:
"No one believed we could do a better job than PCCW or HGC. They thought we were just crazy and hopeless. They thought we could at most only survive for a short period of time. Then, we would be forced to sell the Company and assets; and HKBN would disappear in the market. But, we have proved ourselves: they are all wrong! By 2016, our results will prove that, the 10-year investment and business strategy is correct. We shall prove that we are right! ...

"We will be one of the well known telecommunications companies in this region. Our products and services range from network infrastructure to customer's software and hardware implanted in the human body.
"My children would say, 'Dad, I love to have you as my Father.'"
The shares are down 27 percent over the past year. The stock pays a handsome dividend of 7.95 percent. You can buy it as an American Depository Receipt, under the symbol CTEL.

Disclosure: I do not have a position in CTEL. 

Disclaimer: I am not an investment adviser. This is not advice. Pay no attention. Keep this posting out of the hands of young children.


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