Saturday, April 25, 2009

The American Jacobin era begins

We interrupt Reflecting Light's holiday from politics for a public service announcement.

President for Life Obama and his radical left zombie followers have signaled that they are prepared to purge these United States of dissenters and deviationists. First came the now-notorious DHS report trying to brand opponents of his centralized-power Putsch as proto-terrorists.

Next he began testing the waters for show trials of members of the other party who served in the previous administration, a common feature of life in African one-man-rule countries. There have even been suggestions of trials like those in South Africa after the end of apartheid -- you know, where you were "forgiven" as long as you pleaded guilty. If you protested your innocence, you were found guilty anyway and jailed.

And, always in the background, the colonization of the United States by Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvadoreans, Somalis, Muslims of various nationalities ... legal or illegal, it doesn't matter: it's the globalist strategy of divide and conquer, balkanize, replace indigenous populations, all in aid of stifling opposition.

It's getting hot in here.

We now return to our regularly scheduled non-political blogging.



Anonymous said...

Gosh, great post. I truly cannot believe this is happening. Obama and Co are so stinking creepy. Why is everyone hiding and covering up the fact that he's is not LEGAL? He's a freaking imposter and a total wack job. No one cares about this global crap but him. Now with the body count his "zombies" as you say are scared to defect. doggone it.

Anonymous said...

this is only a test from Zazie ; yesterday google rejected my comment ; I don't know why!

Anonymous said...

OK! From nowon, I'll be an "anonymous" who signs her messages....That's thebeauty of informatics.
On coming back from Toulon, yesterday evening, I read your post and commented a very little on the frightening aspects of Obama's policy ; no more neds to be said ...
Then I told you about "I PURITANI", the opera I had seen and heard in the afternoon ; I wanted to mention it to you because, when I read the leaflet, I discovered the performance was a co-production of the opera-houses of Toulon, Metz, Avignon AND WASHINGTON...Then, I could not help thinking that we, Western People(s), united we can stand.
Now, something else, I appreciate Warrantonegirl's anger, but surely I would enjoy it more if I could understand every word ; what is "a wack job"? And what is the full phrase for "doggone it"?
I suppose I have guessed, I'd just like to make sure!

Rick Darby said...


Google rejected your comment? That's never happened before. Are you sure it was Google? Maybe Obama's "security" team is now following this blog. If so, I'm honored.

In case Warrantone Girl doesn't reply:

"Wack job" is a version of "wacko," slang for a person who is crazy, nuts, fou.

"Doggone it" is also slang, with no very specific meaning other than an expression of regret — a milder version of "damn it." Years ago, when I was a radio announcer, I read a public service announcement about a lost pet, and couldn't resist adding, "That's a doggone shame."