Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time out from politics

For an undetermined time, I'm going to stop writing about jihadists, los illegals, President for Life Obama, England's self-imposed muli-cultural hell …


… huh? How'd that get in there? Just an accident.

Anyway, as I was saying: for the time being, no more about the Globalist Establishment's campaign to eliminate the middle class through open borders and race replacement, the financial asteroid crash, the I'm Getting Mine Club in Congress, etc.

Why? Because the futility of these protests is eating through my vitals, I'm tired of pointing out the West's death wish, and bloggers who follow in detail the twists and turns of liberty's struggle for survival often pre-empt anything I have to say on that subject.

Life goes on meanwhile. There is still much to enjoy and appreciate in the arts, nature, and thought. This world of appearances, based on sense impressions, normally blots out other levels of reality where the Good, the True, and the Beautiful are actualized. I hope to have something to say about all of these, with the aim of raising my spirits and, I hope, yours.



MnMark said...

I feel the same way. Time and again I've sworn off reading politics because it makes me feel angry and helpless. It's frustrating to watch what's happening. I keep getting drawn back into it, though. Probably because it seems that everywhere I go and even on internet sites seemingly unrelated to politics there are reminders of what is happening...advertisements with everyone but white males in them, for instance.

I try to remind myself that in the big picture, life is so much more than fretting about these issues of politics and power. We're meant to grow here and I don't think we're meant to grow in our ability to make a really passionate political argument. The whole political thing is kind of missing the point I think.

Rick Darby said...


I am not giving up the political fight, or advocating anyone else doing so. This is just a time out for writing about other interesting or worthwhile subjects, and recharging my batteries. There will be plenty of occasions later for returning to the defense of liberty.

zazie said...

How right you are, Rick ! Let's have some relief, some fresh air, some beauty, just for a while, in order to get fit again.
That is exactly what I thought lately, on a day that saw me visiting the cathedral of Milano in the morning, and enjoying I DUE FOSCARI at La Scala in the evening....
Some would have felt guilty to have spent much money on that trip, in this time of economic crisis ; I could not help thinking that might be the last opportunity for me to enjoy paintings, music, and books from the oldest bookshop in Europe (1755) ; well, I did not feel guilty at all, just happy!

Rick Darby said...


One way of defending Western civilization is experiencing it. Congratulations.

What is the oldest bookshop in Europe?

Dennis Mangan said...

Good move, Rick. Politics gets to me too, makes everything seem so futile.

Anonymous said...

I recently started commenting on YouTube opera videos under another name. I don't even want my other identity to be related to my political identity, because it feels more real to discuss, politely, the merits of opera singers without referring to politics.

zazie said...

To answer your question, the oldest bookshop in Europe -BTW 1775,not 1755, sorry! - is situated in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, at number 12 ; when it was created, it was called Libreria Bocca ; the current owner/shopkeeper is Gabriele Lodetti ; you can reach him at
Informations can be given on the phone :02.860806 /fax:02.876572
the shop is really a place for bookworms, and art lovers, as the owner has had paintings put on the floor, under a thick glass plate...
latté island,
we may have met on utube, commenting operas, as I too have another name....

Anonymous said...

I live in Tulsa. I have a 5 year old daughter and a, soon to be, 7 year old son. My son attends a very small, humble, non-denominational Classical Christian school (yes he is learning Latin). My son is in first grade, my daugter attends a two day a week "mother's day out" program at our Methodist Church.

My son has been learning the song, "My Country 'Tis a Thee". He has been teaching it to my daugter.

My daughter's class had a field trip to a local kids' science museum today. One of the rooms had a microphone and stage. Upon entering that area my daugter, unprompted, jumped on stage and belted out the above mentioned song. Everyone was blown away, not just my her boldness, but the fact she even knew the song. One of the mothers asked my wife where my daughter learned the song and my wife told her. The other mom, whose older son is in public school, was blown away that there were still schools that would teach that song, because as the mom said, 'they sure don't teach that song in public schools anymore'.

God help us. Many know not what they have lost in this grand holocaust of Western Civilization.

Rick Darby said...


I'd love to visit Libreria Bocca, as well as the galleria if it's the 19th century one I'm thinking of.


Wonderful to hear. If each of us lights a candle …