Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Back on the beat

The loathsome Village Voice — that's Manhattan's Greenwich Village, epicenter of chic rebellion — has a "news blog" headlined "Obama Reaches Out to Middle East, Proving his Allegiance to Islam."

Nudge. Wink. That's irony, the fuel the Establishment counterculture runs on; they sell it in 55-gallon drums in Downtown. You get it, heh heh. Just because His Worship Obama is "reaching out" to, among others, Hamas — psycho killer, qu'est-ce que c'est? — all those pitchfork holders in flyover country imagine that he is showing allegiance to Islam. Well, what do you expect from a batch of snake handling swamp dwellers? My No-God, the things we East Coast sophisticates have to put up with.

The writer leads off:
George Mitchell has actually achieved something as a peace-maker, helping to effect the Good Friday Agreement that virtually ended decades of strife in Northern Ireland, so maybe he can knock some sense into the heads of those crazy Hatfields and McCoys over in the Middle East, to which President Obama has dispatched Mitchell as a special envoy.
Right, well, peace in Northern Ireland came the way Village Voicers believe peace should arrive, through surrender. Essentially, the IRA mob, whose subtle means of argument included setting off bombs in pubs to blow arms and legs off shopgirls, got pretty much what they wanted. Nowadays, the British government intends to offer $16,800 "reconciliation" payments to the families of IRA terrorists — "including paramilitaries killed by their own bombs."

Peace, it's wonderful.

So George Mitchell is back on the beat in the Middle East, where the Palestinians and Israelis are a feudin' and a fightin', just a rumble between a couple of overheated clans. Why can't they simmer down? After all, Israel is just a patch of poor soil no bigger than a Home Depot parking lot, whose survival is of little interest, especially to its own politicians.
One of Mitchell's tasks, says the President, is to "ensure that Palestinians in Gaza are able to get the basic necessities they need."
That would be explosives, rockets and launchers?
President Obama also struck a conciliatory tone in an interview with Arab TV network Al-Arabiya, admitting that "all too often the United States starts by dictating" rather than listening to people in the region.
Yes, by Jove, that's a new tone — a U.S. president, who's hardly had time to wipe his feet on the mat before entering the White House, apologizing to an Arab network for his country dictating — dictating? It's time we shucked our arrogant ways and started listening to the products of Arabia's madrassas, you know, kill those who insult the Prophet and all.

"Naturally rightbloggers are enraged." My No-God, the things we East Coast sophisticates have to put up with.


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green mamba said...

That's some strong sarcasm there, Rick. Well played.

If only Village Voice types would be exposed to writing like this. But they're all sealed up in their self-satisfied bubble, imagining that anyone who disagrees with them is a Fox News troglodyte (not that they have ever watched Fox News, which is actually more interesting - and diverse in opinion - than the competing news outlets).