Friday, February 20, 2009

Every breath you take


Every move you make
Every step you take
I'll be watching you
I'll be watching you
I'll be watching you
I'll be watching you...

— The Police, "Every Breath You Take"

Want to know what life will be like in the United States as a government-controlled, Marxist failed state, should the Obama regime have its way? Look no farther than some of the stories on the home page of today's Daily Mail from London.

Labour has 'failed' to take on polygamy for fear of offending Muslims, says peer:
"British politicians have ignored the issue of bigamy and polygamy in the UK because of 'cultural sensitivity' towards minority groups, a leading Muslim peer said today. Baroness Warsi, Shadow Minister for community cohesion, said there had been a 'failure' by policy-makers to take polygamy seriously, with the result that Britain's seemingly strict laws banning the practice were not being properly enforced."

Motorists face on-the-spot points and loss of licence for careless driving offences:
"Under the proposal, police can issue fixed-penalty notices for offences including failing to signal and coming to close to cyclists without evidence being heard in court. … Currently police must take drivers to court if they want to prosecute careless drivers, but new powers mean police can punish motorists instantly and according to their own judgement. The new power means that thousands of motorists risk losing their licences for minor offences. … The plans were welcomed by the Association of Chief Police Officers who said it would reduce the amount of time involved in processing cases." [Why stop at fines and taking away licenses? Shooting the offenders would make sure they would cause no future trouble.]

Work canteens to be forced to cut half of pastry from pies in new Government healthy-eating drive: "… Stringent new Government guidelines [rule] that the amount of pastry on a pie should be cut by 40 per cent. Under the new healthy-eating scheme, canteens in public buildings from council offices to schools may be ordered to serve healthier food.

"A pastry limit on pies could cut the fat content by 40 per cent, qualifying the dish for a bronze health award under proposals to recognise leaner cuisine. A silver award would go to sandwiches containing at least 40g of salad or vegetables. A gold medal would go to menus which met targets for low salt content."

Ordeal for mother driven 120 miles to three hospitals before she can give birth:
"A mother has told how she was driven 120 miles to three different hospitals to give birth - because no beds were available for premature babies. Natalie Page, 20, started her marathon at Leicester's General Hospital but was then transferred to Birmingham Women's Hospital because no suitable cots were available. But by the time she arrived in Birmingham the last bed had been taken and she had to be driven on to Liverpool Women's Hospital."


And this pièce de résistance:

An English country pub is my idea of heaven. But now Big Brother is invading even this sacred sanctum: "I read with utter horror this week's news that some police forces - even in rural Essex - are insisting that pub licensees should install CCTV cameras on their premises, to record the comings and goings of their customers. Increasingly, they are making it a condition of granting licences that landlords should undertake to hand over any footage to the authorities on demand. This strikes me as an assault on the very soul of England, an unpardonable intrusion by Big Brother into a sanctum where he has no business to be."

The traditional English pub has virtually disappeared from cities, replaced by chains with cute names, gambling machines, loud music, and customers from the U.K.'s subculture of 20-something aggressive drunks.

It would be pleasant to imagine the centuries-old, smoke-stained, sociable pubs of the village were holding on for at least a while longer. But The Bill (Britspeak for cops) keeps watch on pub car parks, and anyone who has been in the boozer too long (by The Bill's estimate) is likely to be pulled over
and breathalyzed the minute they drive away.

Now it's closed circuit TV cameras
inside the pub. Next, no doubt, microphones to pick up any "racist" remark so immigration restrictionists can be cuffed and hauled off to the station house before they can inflict further damage on the diverse multi-cultural community.


Which is one reason for this:

Shock BNP victory as far-right candidate takes council seat in Kent:
"A shock win for the far-right British National Party yesterday sent a tremor through Labour amid growing fears that the recession is driving angry voters into the arms of extremist parties.The BNP seized a Labour seat in a district council by-election in Sevenoaks on a substantial turnout, encouraging fears that the party could make significant advances in the June local and European elections. …

"Labour MP Jon Cruddas, who has consistently warned against the threat of a BNP surge in white working class areas, predicted it could do well in the European elections. He said: 'The BNP poses a threat in six Euro regions, with as little as 7.5 per cent required in the north-west, where the party leader, Nick Griffin, is standing.'With Ukip [the U.K. Independence Party] faltering, few local elections and the economy hurtling into recession, we will need everyone who opposes the BNP's message of hate to play a part. A BNP victory will change the political landscape in Britain.'"

Is it possible to imagine a story written with more overt bias? There was a time, believe it or not, when newswriters were supposed to simply report facts, without prejudicial or judgmental language. That's
so mid-20th century.

"Far-right, far-right." How often is the Labour Party in the U.K. or the Republicrat Party in the U.S. described as "far-left"? "Shock win." Shocks are unpleasant, sometimes can kill you. "Extremist parties." See "far-right" above. "The BNP seized a Labour seat." Seized?
Was it a coup d’état? Did they drop paratroopers into the district and haul the Labour MP out of bed? I thought this was what is called an election, where one party's candidate receives more votes than the other parties' candidates.

"Encouraging fears that the party could make significant advances." Well, for some it was fears, for others hope. Notice, too, how the victorious candidate is quoted at great length — exactly two words. While the Labour and Tory spokespeople are given two paragraphs each.

Regardless of how you feel about the BNP, this story isn't responsible reporting. It's blatant anti-BNP propaganda, what leftists would call if the situation were reversed "hate speech." And the
Daily Mail passes for conservative in Britain.


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