Monday, February 02, 2009

California, the paper state


California taxpayers who are owed a refund on their state tax payments will get an IOU instead. California, the paper state.

Years of blow-the-dough projects, welfare for illegals, and anti-business regulation have left the once-Golden State broke and knocking at Washington's back door asking for handouts. California, the pauper state.

My question is this: If it's legal for California to delay repaying its residents their own money that they unwillingly lent the state, can residents who owe taxes and are down on their luck send IOUs instead of payment?

That would be poetic justice.



-J said...

It would be the act of the kind of adults who founded, maintained, and made this country great--up until the 60s. Unfortunately, were about out of those types.

Thanks again for the consistently insightful (and grimly entertaining) posts.

Anonymous said...

I live in CA, and I just changed my W-4 so no withholding will be taken out of my paycheck from now on. It seems to me that this new low in CA could lead to taxpayer protests on a large scale, and this is actually the most effective way to clean up the government.