Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Olympic weight throwing champion


Our ship of state's Captain Queeg is about to go on another trip, that is, another ego trip. This time he will be heading to Copenhagen in aid of charming the selection committee into bringing the 2016 Olympics to (where else?) Chicago.

The Emperor Obama probably believes his touch can cure leprosy. He certainly believes his speech-making talent, which enables him to offer gift wrapped packages with nothing inside, will work its magic for any purpose. You got your theocratic loons playing with nukes? Give speech no. 4. You got a recalcitrant country who doesn't get the wisdom of government-run medicine? Give speech no. 2. You got some embarrassing friends like Preacher Man Wright and Green Man Van Jones and those ACORN mobsters? Give speech no. 10. Works like a stimulus. Just be sure to cue up the right speech on the teleprompter.


I hope this isn't belaboring the obvious, but … why is the president of these Untied States (sic) swanning around lobbying for Chicago to be blessed with the Olympics? Is it anything more than another demonstration of his imagined popularity that can sweep all resistance off the board? Something to show for his nine months in office which have accomplished nothing except to make his country look weak and foolish (even more so than his predecessor managed) in the eyes of the world?

Well, maybe the Olympics committee will be easier for Obama to impress than any of the country's threatening regimes and friends. Make that former friends.


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