Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The United States is recruiting jihadists

Najibullah Zazi, al-Qaeda
explosives representative

This chap, welcomed to the United States with open arms as far as I can tell, was looking forward to repaying the favor.
… The Daily News has learned that prime terror suspect Najibullah Zazi has confessed he was a jihadist hell-bent on murderous mayhem, the sources said. … "Operation Nexus" took on an extra urgency after raids on Queens apartments Zazi visited turned up knapsacks and cell phones. The exact targets are not known, but the find raised the specter of simultaneous blasts like the 2004 attack that killed 191 commuters in Spain.
The Daily News identifies Zazi as "an Afghan national who moved to Denver from New York six months ago." Afzali is described by the AP as "a legal permanent resident from Afghanistan."


The media are treating it as another crime story, with the explosives aspect giving it an extra little thrill. Maybe somebody is pitching a treatment for a TV movie based on it at this very moment. Nobody seems the slightest bit interested in asking the obvious question.

Why the hell were these two sickbags admitted to the United States? And at least one, the imam, given permanent residency?

We're recruiting terrorists. We invite them to settle here, and then let the bad'uns among them play a game of "Catch Me If You Can" with us.


The answer to the obvious question is also obvious. The Liberal Establishment wants as many Third World immigrants as possible to further its plans for population replacement. It wants a new country of the poor and ignorant, with no grounding in U.S. history and traditions, that will be granted citizenship as soon as the law can be forced through. Such a new America will be easier to manipulate than one with traditional ideas of individualism and property ownership that give it some feeling of security.

Our Failed Messiah is particularly, shall we say, empathetic with Muslims. But that would not matter if the Liberal Establishment didn't already have as its first commandment, Thou shalt not discriminate, nay, not for any reason whatsoever. Everyone is equal. Everyone is the same.


So, year after year, we go through this farce of rolling out the welcome wagon for all kinds of characters we would be smart to send back to the psychopathological backwaters they arrived from. Then we have the police and FBI running around trying to catch the ones with eyes to cause a little ruckus, à la 9/11.

The U.S. is playing a game of three-card monte, with itself as the sucker. "Hey, friend, how about a little game of chance? Guess which thimble the terrorist is under, and you win a prize, an extra week before you're dust."

Very exciting. Makes for good media stories about the hunt, about plots broken up, cool shots of the handcuffed perps being marched into the van by those guys with the blue FBI jackets.


Then it's on to the next investigation of the next terrorist cell, or the members they didn't roll up in the latest bust. Good fun. Until, sooner or later, the security lads and lasses don't connect the dots in time, and a few thousand people die from bombs and radiation.

I know, I know: Most Muslims aren't terrorists. True but irrelevant. The issue is national security. That comes first. We shouldn't give a toss if it isn't "fair" or it offends Muslims.

One thing you can be sure of: other cells are here, and probably more members are being recruited all the time. By your government, in the name of diversity and multi-culturalism.


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