Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sickeningly debased journalism specimen of the week

So Her Messiahness is on her way to Copenhagen to join the Failed Messiah in a mission of critical importance, bagging the Olympics for sweet home Chicago. We can take it as given that the word has already reached the F.M. through the back channels: the city of broad shoulders and corrupt politics has been chosen. Mr. and Mrs. F.M. will smile, pose for the adoring multitudes, and modestly allow as how proud they are to have used their hope and audacity to have brought about this towering success.

That, however, is not our text for today. I want to bring to your attention a particularly noteworthy example of the adulation of our mainstream journalism for the Supernal Couple. Some are born narcissistic (F.M. Obama); some achieve narcissism (the mainstream media); and some have narcissism thrust upon them (the rest of us, courtesy of the media).

The Fawning Journalist Prize is hereby awarded to Nancy Armour, "AP national writer":
With only two days until the 2016 games are awarded, there’s no time to waste.

Mrs. Obama arrived here Wednesday morning to lend her support to Chicago’s efforts to win the 2016 Summer Olympics. As head of Chicago’s delegation—and her husband’s representative until he arrives Friday—she plans to meet with as many IOC members as possible to try to persuade them to pick her hometown over Rio de Janeiro, Madrid and Tokyo.

Ms. Armour leaves little doubt that Michelle Obama's immense influence should clinch the deal by bestowing her presence on the minor nobility of the Olympic committee. After all, as Nancy Armour writes,

… there are few people better to sell Chicago’s bid than Michelle Obama. Funny, gracious and incredibly accomplished, she’s one of the few people who can rival her husband’s popularity.

Part of that is unarguable. Gaming the affirmative action system all the way to a berth in the White House without otherwise doing anything of note is a pretty incredible accomplishment.

The U.S. ambassador to Denmark, Laurie S. Fulton, was there to greet her, as were Daley and his wife, Maggie, Olympic gold medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Chicago 2016 president Lori Healey and Marty Nesbitt, one of the president’s good friends. Kai Holm, president of the Danish Olympic Committee, also was there.

Mrs. Obama planned to meet with IOC members later Wednesday and Thursday, and also has a meeting scheduled with Rogge. She’ll attend Chicago’s welcome bash—along with Oprah Winfrey—and has lunch plans Thursday with the Danish queen.

A word of advice to the Danish queen: Your majesty, don't be nervous. Her Messiahness is just a regular person. You needn't be afraid of her. Just remember to bow, not to speak before she speaks, and when she signals the audience is over with a nod of her head, back out of the room while still facing her. Then you can go back to your palace and paste the moment in your dream book!



Ilíon said...

Off topic ... but, welcome to the club. Because, of course, one simply cannot be opposed to *any* of Mr Auster's positions for the simple reason that one thinks it misguided.

MaryJ said...

Ha ha, this ridiculous puff piece looks even more insane in light of the way the IOC slapped the Obama's down so quickly -- Chicago didn't even make first cut. Laughed my ass off the minute I heard the news.

Rick Darby said...


I'm not sure what you're saying. What "club" am I part of?


Glad you got a laugh out of it. That's something.

Ilíon said...

Mr Darby,

Mr Auster's title is "The anti-Auster--and now anti-Semitic--psychosis of an otherwise intelligent blogger."

He means you. You are now officially inducted into the "anti-Auster" club.

I tried -- admittedly, only very briefly -- to follow the thread of discussion in the two links he gave; I didn't see anything "anti-Auster," nor, more importantly, "anti-Semitic." Nevertheless, you appear to have disagreed with Auster concerning his desire to pooh-pooh Roman Polanski's crime, and worse, you must have stood your ground.

THEREFORE, you are obviously "anti-Auster!" And there is a club for that.

Ilíon said...

Or, have I misunderstood Mr Auster's intention with that post? Does he mean Chris Roach (whom I've never heard of)?

Rick Darby said...


No, Auster was referring to Chris Roach at Both Roach and one of his commenters implied that Auster is overly protective of anyone he writes about who is Jewish, and is inclined to see anti-Semitism in any criticism of a Jewish figure.

I don't always agree with Auster, but when he is right (in my view), which is most of the time, he is so profound and eloquent that he can make me perceive the subject more clearly and sometimes in a different way.

And I just don't see how he can be accused of being unduly protective of Jews when he frequently blasts neo-conservatives, who are mostly Jewish.

MaryJ said...

That wasn't me inserting myself into the anti-Semtic debate, Rick. Please keep me out of it!

Anonymous said...

Where's VA?